Candle Ministry

A group of lit candles of various sizes and colors

I operate a candle ministry. This means that I take requests from people to burn a candle in honor of their needs, intentions, memories, or thanks. Here are some examples:

  • Candles for healing
  • A candle in memory of a friend, family member, or pet
  • Candles with petitions for work, money, housing, or other needs and wants
  • Candles lit in thanksgiving for a blessing or other positive situation
  • Candles lit in response to disasters, emergencies, and tragedies

There is never any charge for this ministry, though donations are accepted. I also broadcast candle lightings live on Facebook. Check out my Facebook page to see previous videos. You can also make requests for candles on that page.

Support for the ministry can be offered through Patreon or PayPal. Right now, I am in particular need of tall glass vigil candles, which are best purchased in person as they do not ship well. Your donations make it possible for me to have a steady supply of these candles. Thank you!