Playtime Chicago Theater Report for October 11, 2020

Photo by Tyler Callahan on Unsplash

A transcript and audio archive of my most recent theater report for Playtime with Bill Turck and Kerri Kendall:

I switched things up a bit with this report. Normally I offer a straightforward reflection on productions. When there are no streaming shows running, I update the audience on news and maybe offer a wee bit of commentary.

Since I’m a correspondent, not a critic, I’m not supposed to offer a critique of productions. Impressions, yes, but no genuine criticism (as per the creator of Playtime). While this can be limiting, it also offers opportunities to ponder on the significance of productions beyond their scripts or even the performances themselves.

Strawdog Theatre adapted the one-man play, Run the Beast Down, to streaming video. Dictated by the vicissitudes of nature, this unnatural adaption works remarkably well.

In my report I was able to offer a eulogy for both the craft of live theater as well as the economy. Both will likely resurrect but I am not entirely sure what form each will take. Still, I am grateful for those who press on with offering theater even in a time of economic catastrophe.

Strangely enough, I’m also grateful for the restrictions that my show creator places on my writing. They force me to reckon with the constraints under which we all labor, every day.