Conspirituality with Matthew Remski — Talk Gnosis

The September 23rd, 2020 episode of Talk Gnosis

One of my many hats is that of co-host on Talk Gnosis, an online show about modern Gnosticism, esotericism, occultism, mysticism and most other religious -isms.

I served as co-host of Talk Gnosis back in 2013 and left in mid-2015. I’d been back at least once as a co-host of a special series on Gurdjieff which was extra-fun. I then contributed to the blog for a bit before the show went on one of its occasional hiatuses.

In any case, I’m back on Talk Gnosis and we are pretty busy folks these days. One of our recent guests, Matthew Remski, is part of a movement that addresses abusive behavior within spiritual and religious groups. He is also interested in conspiracy theories and the communities that develop around them.

We had a spirited conversation about these matters on our September 23rd, 2020 show and personally found the conversation to be incredibly engaging. Enjoy.