Federal Shutdown, WIC, and Walmart Suppliers — Walmart News Now

A post from Walmart News Now on how a potential government shutdown might have affected WIC benefits. . .and retailers that participate in the program: “The federal government shutdown has predictably attracted a lot of media attention. Much of the reporting has focused on how the shutdown affects government workers and their families, businesses located…

Elder Financial Abuse — MoneyCrashers

  “Financial abuse is the theft or mismanagement of an elderly person’s funds, real estate, investments, or personal property. Like all abusers, financial elder abusers perceive the elderly as vulnerable and unlikely to fight back or expose the abuse. Financial abuse can be a one-time incident or it can continue for many years.“

What is Coworking? — Money Crashers

  “Coworking is an office-sharing arrangement between individuals and (sometimes) small businesses. In some cases, the arrangement is very informal: A business owner who owns or leases a too-large office space then sublets desks and offices to others. Coworking spaces also operate as formal businesses, renting out desk and office space to freelancers, telecommuters, and…

Review of Chicago’s Susie’s Drive-In — Chicago Now

  A review of one of Chicago’s classic hot dog stands: “Susie’s is a bulwark of traditional values, which means that hot dogs do not come with ketchup. For those who do want ketchup on their dogs or fries, there is a there is a DIY ketchup pump available, along with little white paper cups….

Job Interviews After Being Fired — Virtual Vocations

  “Ever been on a job interview after getting fired? Here are some tips for answering hard questions about why you lost your job: Don’t Lie. Employers check references, so it’s important that you tell the truth when an interviewer asks you why you left a previous job. Even if the hiring manager doesn’t check…

Making the Best Use of Online Reviews — Money Crashers

  “Scrutinize the bad reviews, and contact the owner or manager to request his or her side of the story. If the problems raised in the bad reviews involve employees, keep in mind that some very decent businesses occasionally make mistakes or hire incompetent employees. The business may also be the victim of a scammer…

Tea and Weight Loss — Adagio’s Tea Muse

“Responsible scientists and medical professionals are in full agreement: There is no magic bullet for weight loss. No matter how much tea you drink, if you don’t adjust your eating and exercise habits, you won’t lose weight. While some studies may show a modest weight loss in individuals who regularly drink tea, the key here…

Saving Money on Beauty Services — MoneyCrashers

  “Still, maintaining a beauty or grooming routine can get pricey, particularly if you regularly make use of several different types of beauty services or patronize high-end salons. Fortunately, there are also several ways to save money on beauty services, including patronizing school clinics, taking advantage of coupons, and even performing some services for yourself.“

Home Office Organization Tips — MoneyCrashers

  “Your grandmother’s antique desk and chair set may look beautiful, but it’s probably an ergonomic and organizational nightmare. Make sure you have a comfortable office chair and a well-designed computer desk in your home office to help protect yourself against body strain and reduce clutter.“

Correcting Tea Misinformation. . .Politely — English Tea Store Blog

Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc “It’s a conundrum: The world is rife with tea misinformation, and those of us who love this beverage often find ourselves wincing at one of the many tea misunderstandings that often come up in conversation or online. Nobody likes a know-it-all, of course, so I often just keep…