Dead Man Walking at The Lyric Opera — Recommended

UPDATE: You can hear the full Playtime Chicago Theater Report for November 10th, 2019 (including my Dead Man Walking report) at the WCGO web archive. Click here and scroll down to the November 10th episode, 2nd-hour recording. The report starts at about 3:48.

Dead Man Walking continues its run at Lyric through November 22nd. I was able to attend on opening night and can thoroughly recommend this modern classic opera that offers deep insight into what it means to be human, the limits of humanity, and how the divine (sometimes) enters and bridges this gap.

In fact, I’d argue that opera is perhaps one of the best mediums for tapping this wellspring: Religious traditions have long recognized the essential nature of song in praise and worship, lament and mourning. The conversations of Dead Man Walking are sung, touching places inside our own minds and souls that spoken dialogue often can’t reach.

Reflections on Hard Lens Media

I’ve discussed the Lyric’s performance of Dead Man Walking in two media platforms. Hard Lens Media (video to the left) as well as Playtime with Bill Turck & Kerri Kendall on WCGO radio in Chicago (coming soon, the show airs on Sunday, November 10th, from 1-3 pm central on WCGO 1590 AM and 95.9 FM in Chicagoland). You can also stream the show through WCGO’s website, WCGO’s SmartTalk app or the Tune-In app).

VENUE NOTES: The Lyric is very close to CTA and Metra Stations, as well as major bus lines. Discounted parking is available at The Poetry Garage.

Uber and other rideshare riders should be aware that pickups in the area can be a challenge given road closures as well as congestion. Try walking a block or two from the Lyric and requesting your ride to avoid confusion.

Dead Man Walking Book & Movie

Before Dead Man Walking was an opera it was a book, and then a movie. You can purchase both at the links below:

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