Dusting Myself Off and McClaren’s 10 Questions

by LainieP on March 11, 2010

Well, it has been awhile, hasn’t it? Truly, being a tea-writer is pretty time consuming, and frankly, when it comes to being a “Christian” blogger, I haven’t felt like I’ve had much to say.

But Steve Hayes, part of the erstwhile synchroblog that I’ve been a part of for a couple of years, just posted his response to the “10 Questions” that Brian McClaren raises in A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith. I thought I’d give them a shot, both as an exercise in perhaps discerning where I am at with this whole emergent thing, as well as an excuse for posting to this blog again.

More later.

10 Questions

1. What is the overarching story line of the Bible?

There isn’t one.

2. How should the Bible be understood?

“How” should it be understood? Perhaps we need to be asking “whether” it should be understood.  Or even better, whether it “can” be understood.

3. Is God violent?


4. Who is Jesus and why is he important?

Jesus is God thumbing his nose at The Way people think things ought to be.

5. What is the Gospel?

The good news that things don’t have to be This Way.

6. What do we do about the Church?

Nothing. We will probably get more done that way.

7. Can we find a way to address human sexuality without fighting about it?

Unlikely. Before we can address human sexuality (and I suspect this question is a euphemism for “Can we discuss whether it is ok to be gay and a christian at the same time?”) everyone needs to calm down. We aren’t there yet.

8. Can we find a better way of viewing the future?

Possibly, but it will mean losing a lot of programming.

9. How should followers of Jesus relate to people of other religions?

As human beings? Sheesh.

10. How can we translate our quest into action?

We don’t even know what our quest is. Let’s try figuring it out first. Or not.

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